In an effort to diffuse the intensity which encompasses the awkward stage that is living with my parents, I thought it was time for a round of conversations with mom. It’s an animal theme today.

[On childhood pets]

Mom:     Richard used to have a Foo Fighter.
Me:          He had a what?
Mom:    A Foo Fighter. It’s a fish.
Me:         No it isn’t.
Mom:    Yes, a Foo Fighter fish. He had it for a project in high school. That thing lived forever.
Me:         Mom, the Foo Fighters are a band. Not a fish.
Mom:    I’m sure it was a Foo Fighter fish!
Me:         It was a Siamese Fighting fish.
Mom:    It was a Foo Fighter fish.
Me:         Okay, mom, when Rich gets here, you ask him what kind of fish he had.
Mom:    A Foo Fighter fish.

[Drinking tea in the kitchen. Completely random]

Mom:    Do you know your dinosaurs?
Me:         Do I know my dinosaurs? You ask that like I have dinosaurs.
Mom:    No, that’s not what I mean. [Again] Do you know your dinosaurs?
Me:         Like I know my ABCs?
Mom:    Yes.
Me:         No. I don’t know my dinosaurs. And I didn’t know that dinosaurs were possessive.


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