Fast and Furious Family Fun!

Last night my mom, my cousin Sibylle, her son Kay (pronounced “Kai”) and I gathered around the coffee table for some “Fast and Furious Family Fun!” Also known as the board game Frustration.

You know the game – the one where you have to get your little men out of home base by rolling a 1 or a 6 or something and then move them around the board and arrive at the finish line without getting sent back to the beginning.

“This is a lot like my life right now!” I half-joked, half-whimpered, as I willed my blood pressure to go down. Each of my opponents passed me, sent me back to home base (on several occasions), and then arrived at the finish line. This is what the board looked like after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd took their spots on the podium:

Don’t worry. I kicked their butts in Tri-Ominos.


One thought on “Fast and Furious Family Fun!

  1. Haha. Oh Nat, that’s no fun. Frustration might be the better name for it but I think ours was called trouble. Oh that brings me back to my childhoood. Where have the years gone?

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