Dose of Don: Entry Four

Are you a dreamer? I am. And I could completely relate to Don in this next installment of Dose of Don from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.


I didn’t know that getting lost in daydreams was odd until a couple of years ago when I asked an old girlfriend what she daydreamed about. She answered, “Nothing.” How does a person daydream about nothing? I wondered. But she explained she lived in the now and worked with whatever was really happening.

In the room where I’m writing today, nothing is happening. And later there will be laundry happening, which is nothing to daydream about. I can’t deal with reality (Miller 75).


This is where the concept of living a better story becomes difficult for dreamers like me. I can imagine myself auditioning for a play; I have no trouble thinking about what it would be like to write a book. I could easily write a fictional saga about me and Furnace Guy. But the doing, the actual living out of these things is hard. I’d rather just daydream about it. Reality is hard. Reality is scary.


One thought on “Dose of Don: Entry Four

  1. Daydreaming is a great thing to do! Sure it might be nice to put some of the dreams into reality, but sometime’s it’s meant just to be a dream. I’d probably get into some trouble if I tried to make all of my daydreams a reality :)

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