My Dad is Funny

Like I mentioned in The Pendulum Swings, sometimes my dad frustrates me with the things he says/does. But most the time…he just cracks me up!


Dad: This house is spunking clean!

(He might have meant sparkling…or spanking…I’m not really sure.)


Me:  I truly don’t understand your eating habits.
Dad: What do ya mean?

[Said as he dunks a rice krispy square into a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream that has melted from the coffee he poured over it.]

Krispy-Minty-Choco-Coffee Delight!

(Yes, he’s missing a finger, just in case you noticed.)


And my ALL TIME favourite of the month…drum roll please!!

(Sometimes my parents say things that are so funny, but then they follow their remark with these words: “DON’T BLOG THAT!”  This was one of those times, but it didn’t take much for my dad to relent).

Mom:   Natalie, are you going to look after us when we’re old and frail? You know, take us to the bathroom and such?
Me:        Mmm. [Considering the question.] I’d rather put you in a home.
Mom:   That’s cruel!
Dad:      Don’t worry, Sue! I’ll make a you a butt-wiping machine. It’s just a simple water-pick and toothbrush combination.


For every quotation that I post about my parents there are at least five more blog-worthy ones…but if they tell me not to post it then I respect that. And I know that I’ve used this blog to poke fun at my parents from time to time (it is called Living With My Parents, after all) but I need to say how much I truly respect and admire them.

As I mentioned before, both of my parents left their families in their respective homelands and moved to Canada. My mom, from England, at 19 years of age, and my dad, from Switzerland, at 20. And this was in an time with no email, no cell phones, and for my mom, no telephone (her parents’ house didn’t have a phone). It was all snail-mail, folks.

When I was 20 I went to Germany. I stayed for one year to the day, and then I came home, back to Canada, with no desire to stay in Germany. It takes a very strong person to adjust to a brand new culture and way of life, (and language, for my dad) and then to STICK TO IT, ie – NOT go back home. I’m glad they both stuck around because that means they met each other (on a blind date!), had me and my brother, and allowed us to grow up in a wonderful country.

So that’s all. No disrespect is meant when I blog my parents’ quotations, and I always get their permission before I do so.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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