That Ol’ Sentimental Feeling

I reprised my sweaty-licious role on the treadmill this morning in an effort to seize “Finish-What-You-Started” month and get back into a jogging routine. (I did 5K, which is no 10K but it’s a start). I also called the bank and changed my address!

After I finished jogging and stretching I meandered over to my desk, which is currently stored in the basement for lack of space in my bedroom. I was thinking of ways I could refinish my desk when my eyes fell on the pram. Or rather, what was inside the pram – my mom’s treasured childhood doll, Julie. I get that it’s sentimental and everything, but don’t you think you’d be a little spooked if you saw this staring at you every time you went in the basement?

I must admit, I much prefer having Julie in the basement than in her former location. Before we moved my mom used to keep Julie sitting propped on the edge of the bed in the guest room, door ajar. Every time I walked by on the way to the bathroom Julie’s presence would make me jump. And then I’d start to question myself. “Wasn’t Julie’s arm down yesterday? And I thought she was sitting on the right side of the bed…And look at the way she’s staring at me with her one eye!”

Eventually I just closed the door.

Julie here has an uncanny resemblance to the Big Baby from Toy Story 3. When I saw that movie, aside from feeling a little nauseous from the 3D glasses, I was also very creeped out by Big Baby.

If you look closely at Julie’s mouth you’ll notice some nail polish residue from when my mom tried to paint her lips.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because when I was a kid I always used to paint my doll’s lips with nail polish. It looked so pretty that one day I decided to paint my own lips.

The result was a painful story involving nail polish remover and a severely chapped mouth.

Julie’s days on this earth are looking grim. Let’s face it: she has one eye, no eye lashes, and a brillo pad for hair. In my personal opinion, it’s time for her to go. I have doubts this is going to happen. But just know mom, that when I have daughters…they won’t be playing with Julie!


2 thoughts on “That Ol’ Sentimental Feeling

  1. bahaha! Oh Natalie, I laughed out loud multiple time throughout this article! Julie is exactly like the Big Baby on Toy Story (plus a mop of hair and some well worn clothes) (oh, and I learned what a Brillo Pad is! aha)

    Wishing I was there to massage, hug and be with you!

  2. Natalie – how could you insult my beloved Julie? Her brillo pad hair was my childhood attempt at being a hairdresser. Sadly, her eyelashes where poked out by some other naughty child; she then had to undergo surgery to try to find the lashes; which as you can see was unsuccessful. So, be nice to her – she has been through a lot in her 45 years.

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