Say Goodbye to Furnace Guy

As I sit in the office and type, “Furnace Guy” is currently in the Great Room installing a fan in the fire place. Am I a chicken? Yes, I am. However, I thought that I would assess the situation from my current location before making an appearance (especially since he arrived before 8am and I’m still in my PJs, sporting dishevelled hair, and wearing old glasses).

Here’s what I found:

Based on the verbal exchange between him and my dad, his voice sounds like he’s in his mid-30s. Promise! That’s probably a wee bit too old for me. And it’s been so long since our first meeting that I kinda forget what he looks like.

But why are you being so weird? You might ask.

Well there’s one interaction that I didn’t write about on here. Actually, I had nothing to do with it. Back in September Furnace Guy came by when I was babysitting my niece.  According to my dad he asked for the 411 on me: age, occupation, schooling, living arrangements, etc. My dad didn’t want to tell me because he thought it would make me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable? Nah! More like a great story to tell!

Well, as Furnace Guy exits the house, it appears that this is one story I didn’t finish well. (Gee, this real-time blogging is kinda exciting!)

Sorry folks, wish I had a better ending for ya!

Truth be told, I feel like you’re more disappointed than I am.

Again, my apologies.

I’ll try to do something embarrassing/self-deprecating today so I’ll have a good story to tell next week. Funny, those posts always seem to get the most hits…

Until then!

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