The Truth About Older Siblings

My last post revolved around bossy older siblings, but in all my fun and jest I forgot to include the truth about older siblings, namely, older brothers. More namely, my own.

The eldest sibling is great because:

  • They take leadership. Younger siblings are passive, and when you get a bunch of us in a room and ask us what we want to do we’re all gonna say, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” And then we will do nothing for a long time until we settle on something that none of us really wants to do.
  • They are incredibly thorough. For example, when shopping for a low-cost laptop for Thailand my brother told me – multiple times (because I kept forgetting/didn’t write it down; typical youngest child quality) – what specifications to look for. Then he told me where to look, and sent me links to websites that would help me further my research. I very much appreciated all of his help but to be honest most of the time I was thinking, “I trust you! Can’t you choose a laptop for me?” But older siblings won’t do the work for you, because…
  • They are good teachers. And good teachers know they haven’t succeeded unless you have learned. Which is why my brother continuously tries to teach me how to maintain a  budget and be financially responsible. I’m still learning.
  • They are protective. They tell you, “No, you cannot date him because he is wild/too old for you/talks in strange voices/doesn’t know what he wants/sounds like a sissy.”

There’s just two of us kids and we’re separated by three years. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine sharing my parents or my brother with another sibling (typical ‘self-centered’ younger child speech here). That said, should I have kids, I definitely plan on having more than two.

I blame this “no-sharing” mindset on my dad. Ever since I was a kid he has told me (and continues to tell me – I last heard it less than two weeks ago), “Natalie, you’re my favourite daughter!” Had I grown up with a sister this could not be true. And I want to be the favourite daughter. Even if it’s by default. Because I’m self-centered.

Often my dad will follow-up his “favourite daughter” speech with, “Susie! You’re my favourite wife!” Sometimes he does this in public places and that’s embarrassing. And then we have to remind him that he’s not Mormon.

So if you are the oldest sibling, cheers to you! Thanks for being subject to your parent’s scrutiny and paving the way for the wild child! We owe you!


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