Fruitopia Revisited

I love Skype. And I love my friends. And I love staying connected to my friends through Skype. And I’m going to love it even more in a couple of weeks.

Here they are:

Video call snapshot 4

Jess, Kylagh, Jenn, Tracey

These gals are past and present Beautiful Unique Girls. Kylagh travelled from BC to visit for New Years and they had a mini-reunion in Winnipeg. Jess and Tracey are from Manitoba and Jennifer is an east-coast gal, but she’s living in Winnipeg again this year giving leadership to the BUgirl road team.

We laughed a lot remembering our alternate personalities, aka – “coping mechanisms” – that helped guide us through road life and keep us sane (even though we appeared quite insane). Jess, Kylagh, Jenn, and Tracey are better known as “Dawn,” “Lulu,” “Janet (from Panet),” and “Kimmy.” Oh yeah, and I’m “Cindy.” Together, we lived a land called “Fruitopia.”

Missing from the Skype chat was Linnea (“Solomina”), Natalie E (“Stella”), Katelyn (“Lois”), Heather (“Priscilla”), and Erika (“Rose Bloom”). Fruitopia expanded beyond our road team to include the office team. We gave each staff member a special name (“Hank!”, “Celine,” and “Trudy” pronounced “Twudy” to name a few) and they even caught on to some of our favourite sayings, such as, “Oh shoot,” “Thank you, I know,” and “Don’t even care!”

Here’s just a tiny taste of our coping mechanisms. We were actually quite addicted to these personalities. Some of us still are…

In this video Cindy interviews Janet about the Pine Beetle in British Columbia while Stella tries to set up the camera for a shot. Linnea stayed in the van to take a break from us. Who can blame her?


2 thoughts on “Fruitopia Revisited

  1. “P.S. I’m like a star in Natalie’s blog…” -Jenn
    “Some of us are still addicted? I think most if not all of us are… maybe it’s just me.” -Kylagh
    “I don’t think Kimmy has ever made her formal film debut… but she does sing in the shower” Tracey

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