Year in Review: 2010

I keep seeing all these “Year in Review” shows on television so I decided to do my own. I thought it would be a good practice in remembering certain milestones, and it’s actually been a ton of fun! Why I’m narcissistic enough to think you would care, I don’t know. But nevertheless, here is my year in review:


  • Boarded a plane to Winnipeg on New Year’s Day. Sat on the tarmac for over 2 hours due to a snowstorm
  • Prepped for new touring season by revamping BUgirl Beach Party “Walk in Freedom” theme with teammates
  • Attended leadership conference “Breakforth” in Edmonton, AB as volunteers and heard from speakers such as William P Young (author of The Shack), Lee Strobel, and Shannon Etheridge


  • Beach Party attended YOUTH QUAKE as presenters. Thought we’d be  staying in the dorms with the youth and were pleasantly surprised when we were put up in a hotel and received VIP treatment with musical groups Matt Maher, Group One Crew, and House of Heroes
  • Fell in love with Matt Maher when I saw him rocking out on stage
  • Visited Pikangikum, an Aboriginal reserve in north-western Ontario which was reported to have the highest suicide rate in the world in the year 2000. More than a year earlier I interviewed a videographer and wrote a story about his experience on this reserve


  • Set out on a 5-week tour of Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • Learned through Twitter Matt Maher was engaged. Heart broke a little.
  • Discovered the best pizza Canada has to offer, 2-4-1 Family Pizza, found only in the Prairies
  • Ate pizza everyday and consequently ripped three pairs of pants by the end of tour (Pizza was served at every event and we always snagged the leftovers. Even on our days off we ate pizza)
  • Made decision to accept offer and become part of office staff with BUgirl in Winnipeg


  • Arrived back in Winnipeg after tour to discover as a result of budget cuts there was no longer a job for me. Made decision to move in with mom and dad!
  • Departed for 6-week tour of British Columbia
  • Survived treacherous snowstorm on the Coquihalla Highway (known for dangerous and sudden weather changes), getting stuck 3 times and taking over 4 hours to drive 100km
  • Had some fabulous reunions with some amazing people in BC
  • Went on a Cinnamon Bun tour of Vancouver Island, sampling the best buns from Nanaimo to Victoria!


  • Busy month (12 events in 11 days!) but incredibly fun, adventurous, and spontaneous
  • Most memorable Beach Party (for myself) took place in Prince Rupert, BC. Was an “all ages” event attended by women from 20-80 years old. POWERFUL. Chains broke. Freedom reigned.
  • Our incredible billet Nancy baked us a massive cheese cake, took us sea kayaking, and had us perform in a Mother’s Day play last minute (elements of improv and oh-s0-ridiculous)
  • Visited a remarkably beautiful First Nations village called Gitwinksihlkw (pronounced Git-win-silk) in the Nass Valley in northern BC. Both David Suzuki and Adrienne Clarkson were former guests at our B&B. The village is surrounded in lava beds from a volcano that erupted more than 200 years ago!
  • Met some super-cool people in Terrace (Casey, Claire, and Allison) who joined us on a road-trip to Hyder, the “friendliest ghost town” in ALASKA!


  • Finished up with BUgirl and headed back to my hometown to pack up and move with my family
  • Declared “the month of Natalie” by my friend Sarah
  • Had some sweet reunions and went on a lot of walks to “remember” my favourite childhood places


  • Settled into new home and spent a ton of time catching up with my beautiful niece
  • Started a running program so I wouldn’t have to live my life in stretchy pants
  • Karissa from BUgirl office team came to visit and we went to Montreal!
  • Joined my brother’s slo-pitch team, More Cowbell, and cringed every Sunday night on the way to the baseball diamond


  • Launched Living with my Parents!
  • Had a short-lived job at a retirement home which led to an identity crisis
  • Left behind my excessive introspection for a week of relaxation at the cottage
  • Discovered Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and my world was ROCKED!


  • Experienced a ton of rejection job-wise
  • Tried to determine what I wanted in life and anticipate the conflict I would have to overcome to get it (go Don!)
  • Every wall is a door became my new mantra (go Being Erica!)


  • My cousin Sibylle and her son Kai came to visit from Switzerland and I got to reconnect with my heritage and play more Wii and Frustration than I ever have in my life
  • Determined I spent too much time holding out for “the job” instead of simply getting “a job”.
  • Became a shoe saleswoman and learned that based on my shoes I will not be successful in life (apparently I don’t own enough – silly marketing scheme if you ask me!)


  • Finally began to experience some peace and contentment in life, and most of all acceptance with where I was at
  • Started to get serious about finances!
  • Thanks to Don Miller, decided to take a risk and hit on the good-looking guy in Best Buy – but failed. However, upon further introspection I determined that I didn’t fail…because I didn’t really try. So the story goes unwritten.
  • Completely unexpectedly got an interview with ECPAT for a communications position in Thailand
  • Offered the job, knew it was something that I wanted, and said Yes, creating what Don would call an “inciting incident” – the doorway through which you cannot return


  • Turned 27! Boo-yah!
  • Got a police check, booked a flight, got vaccinations, and applied for a work visa all in a matter of days
  • Worked a lot
  • Had a sweet visit from my very dear “cottage” friends
  • After much encouragement (or was it coercion?) from said friends I might have gone back to Best Buy. Story remains unwritten.
  • Celebrated Christmas with family
  • Had lunch with an old friend from university and was impressed by his maturity. Felt immature.
  • Enjoyed New Years’ dinner with family. Called it a night at 11:45.

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!


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