Conversations with Dad

On Dating

Me: Hey dad, do you think I’ll meet someone here?

Dad: No. You’re going to meet someone in Bangkok. And he will be a French man. From France. But I don’t want you to marry him. Ok?


Dad: Just don’t use online dating. People are becoming too lazy. They don’t go to square dances anymore.

Me: Square dances?

Dad: Sure! You’re bound to meet someone at a square dance. You’re always switching partners.


Dad: You know what Natalie? You just can’t worry about it! You have tell yourself, “I don’t care! He’s a tree! I’ll cut off his limbs if I have to!”

[Still struggling to understand the tree analogy].


Dad: Most guys are jerks, Natalie. There’s only a few good men out there. There’s even a movie about it. It’s called “A Few Good Men.”

[He’s giving me a lot of hope, clearly.]

The Future

Dad: So where are you going to go after Thailand, the moon?

Me: What do you mean?

Dad: You’re always buzzing off on some adventure.

Me: Dad, if I get the chance to go to outer space, I’m going.

Language Barriers

Dad: ______ started practicing Kama Sutra.

Me: …what?!

Dad: Yeah, she goes to the park and–

Me: [Eyes bulging in horror]

Mom: KARMA! He means KARMA!

Tender Moments

[On a lunch date when I realize we never resolved our conflict from the day before.]

Me: I’m sorry I was mean to you yesterday.

Dad: [Smile playing on his lips]. It happens.

Me: I was feeling anxious. But I shouldn’t have yelled at you.

Dad: [Laughing]. It’s ok. It’s a special treat that the ladies of our household possess.


I’m really going to miss these daily interactions with my parents.  I’m so thankful for this season, no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may have seemed at times. It was completely worth it!


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