Good Riddance, Winter

I am thrilled that winter is making an early exit from my life this year. Here are my top reasons why:

  • I don’t have winter tires.

I bought my car in Vancouver, where winter = rain and grey skies for three months. For some reason residents of the lower mainland try to convince the rest of us that this is better than snow. This is not better than snow. In fact, it is downright depressing (that said, they seem to be experiencing a lot of snow this winter). However, this does mean that you save money on winter tires.

I put off buying winter tires last year because I was driving a 15 passenger van in place of my own car. And again, this year, I’m leaving just in time to avoid making the purchase. Yes! I wonder what will happen next year…

  • I am moulting.

Ewwwww, gross. I have a down-filled jacket and it’s ripped in three separate places. This happened last year while unloading and reloading the trailer each night. Lots of heavy boxes, containers, sharp objects, etc. I got some pretty sculpted arms but I also ruined my winter coat. So for those times when I can’t snag my mom’s jacket, I’m forced to leave a trail of feathers behind me.

  • I’m always cold.

I hate being cold. I’m cold right now, as I write this. My nose is cold and the lower portion of my fingernails are blue (which could be indicative of a vitamin deficiency). I sleep with the space heater in my room every night. I am through with being cold! Bring on the sweltering heat! T025he humidity! The smog…the sweat…the frizzy hair…hmm…

Something tells me I’m going to start appreciating the cold in the near future…but at least in the meantime I’ll have a wicked tan.

I think I made my case. Goodbye winter. See you in 11 months!



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