On Food and Money

Thailand is turning me into a cheapskate.

On Saturday I took my old Nokia – the one I bought in Germany back in 2004 – to a 7-11 to buy a new sim card. The sim card cost me 49 baht – that’s roughly $2. I then proceeded to “top up” my card. I paid 50 baht to do so. International calls to a landline or a cell phone cost me 1 baht/minute. Incoming calls and texts cost nothing.

Every day we go out for lunch. There’s a cute little outdoor restaurant that makes food fast, good, and cheap. So far I’ve dined on Pad Thai (40 baht), cashew chicken (50 baht), and stir fried noodles with vegetables (30 baht). And that’s at a restaurant – food from a street vendor is even cheaper.

When I walk by Starbucks and see that a “short” coffee is 60 baht I don’t have to think twice. Two delicious authentically Thai meals, or one small cup of coffee from a trendy chain?

My financial goals have changed drastically since choosing to embark on this adventure. There will be no laser eye surgery for this girl, just a couple of pairs of cheap glasses. However, I do believe that I am learning the value of money and living on a budget quite well.

[I was hoping for a longer update but this is everything my brain can push out. Time for bed].


2 thoughts on “On Food and Money

  1. Love the sense of newness and adventure in your posts. Soak it up, and when you need to rest know that the Almighty Arms that have known you your whole life are holding you securely. Go get ’em Natalie!

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