Random Tidbits

There isn’t just one topic I can think of blogging about right now, so instead of my usual, more focused posts I’m going to write about the random tidbits of information flowing through my mind and cutting into my beauty sleep. Obviously, everything is still so new and there’s a lot to take in. As a result my thoughts are not nearly as cohesive as I’d prefer.

About Face

Have you ever experienced the “About Face”? It’s when you’re walking in one direction – confidently, resolutely…yet you realize this is not the route you want to take. You have to do an About Face. This can be embarrassing. All of the sudden your brisk walk comes to a halt and you turn around and head in the opposite direction. You can try to ease the abrupt nature of the About Face by rifling through your pockets or purse as you pause and pivot, but I’ve learned that this can in fact make you look like you’re lost. And you’re not lost. You just know you need to turn around. This is why you must conduct the About Face with confidence. Yes, I know I was walking in this direction, but now I want to turn around and walk in the opposite direction. It’s all a part of my plan. I know what I’m doing. Don’t look at me like that.

While navigating myself around this new city I conduct the About Face on a regular basis.

Best Buys in Bangkok

“There are plenty of Best Buys in Bangkok!” If you read this blog regularly you know what I’m talking about. If not, “Best Buy” refers to those metaphorical “fish” in the metaphorical “sea.”

To my unmarried girlfriends: some of you have been wondering where all the men are. The passionate ones. The honest, considerate, God-fearing ones. The ones who know what they want.

Well, I found them. They are in Bangkok.

Trust me.

My View

Me and my friend Erin shared an office when I worked in BC. I think we were the only office that didn’t have a window. No mountain view for us. Thankfully, our graphic designer Mark did something to remedy this. He printed two posters – one from New Zealand, and the other, I believe, from Thailand. These were pictures he took on his world tour, and he even printed them with frames to give the illusion that we were gazing out of real windows. My “window” was a beautiful beach scene with palm trees.

I have a real window in this office. And now when I look out of my real window I see real palm trees:


Ironic, no?


This is a mall:


This mall, Siam Paragon, is across the “fountain” from another mall, Siam Discovery. Which is across the road from MBK (huge mall, six floors, pretty economical). The Thai in Bangkok are much more stylish than I am. It’s kind of embarrassing. But I won’t give in. I’m on a budget!


Left: Siam Paragon. Right: BTS Station

Well, that’s all! And if you’re wondering, yes I did make friends this weekend! Very excited for future days and opportunities. Life is good!

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