The Office

Some people have been asking me what life at the ECPAT International office is like. We have fun. Trust me.


Me, Erin, Jake


Wei, Reshme, Me


Lounging Around


Mingling during Coffee Break


The female Interns in a meeting with Kritsana (left)

Okay, okay, so I might have fibbed a bit. These pictures don’t actually depict life at the office. Moreso life with the office. Looks fun, doesn’t it?

This past Thursday we celebrated Carmen, the former executive director of ECPAT International. After 10 years Carmen has stepped down. Following weeks of secret planning we successfully carried out a surprise party, including a mysterious punch, a smorgasbord of Thai food, and even the return of Secret Santa (for one night only!). The party was SO successful that the next day at work was a pizza lunch AND a half day! ;)


The Interns!

The above is a picture of the current Interns, minus Margarita (from Argentina) who was visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia this past week. There’s Jake, the legal intern, who recently graduated from Yale Law School; Reshme, another legal intern, originally from India (she cooked us up a FAB Indian dinner last week!) and her husband is from TORONTO! Then there’s Wei, from Singapore, who’s lived all over Asia and recently completed a Masters program in the US. Me, and you know me…and Erin, from Boston, who is working on The Body Shop Campaign.

Great bunch, if I do say so myself!


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