Skype Sessions with Dad

I am convinced that one of the reasons Living with my Parents has taken a nosedive the past few weeks is because, well, I don’t live with my parents. And that means that I don’t have a handful of new and utterly ridiculous quotations from my dad on a weekly basis. Dang!

So in an effort to regain some momentum I asked my pops some rather pointed questions this evening during our Skype call.

Me: “Can I have some guy advice?”


Seriously! I was pulling teeth and the best I got was, “Don’t straighten your hair!” But he’s been telling me that for years and it has more to do with his own vanity than anything else (I inherited my curly locks from my dad).

Clearly “Skype Sessions with Dad” aren’t nearly as entertaining as those live, in the flesh “Conversations with Dad.”

It’s ok. I know things will pick up again when I’m back in Canada. For now I am incredibly content living out this season of my life. And even though my dad might not be sharing his wit with me, he’s proudly telling others that I’m working in Taiwan, or Bangladesh, or any other city/country that starts with a “B” or “T” that is neither Bangkok nor Thailand.

But he’s proud just the same.


2 thoughts on “Skype Sessions with Dad

  1. When I saw your title I thought I’d mistakenly clicked ‘publish’ on one of my drafts. I have spent hours typing every word my dad says in some skype conversations.I think it’s cool that you miss your dad, even in a sideways sort of way!

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