Red Shirts, Hot Heat, & a whole lotta Wats

What’s in a Name?

When I found out her name I knew we would be friends.

“There’s a new intern arriving in a few weeks. Her name is Erin.”

Erin! It seems as though I have an “Erin” for every season of my life. In my uni days: Erin M. When I moved out west: Erin H. When I moved back home: Erin S. Now Erin Z. She’s my “grand adventure in Thailand” Erin.  These major life transitions wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without my Erins.

Fun in the Sun?

The weekend before last I spent 2 full days in the sun. Although I’ve been here for 2 months I spend most of my days in an air conditioned office. On the weekends I try to go outside in the morning and/or evening and spend the hottest part of the day indoors.

I may be a White-Chocolate Brownie, but 2 full days under the hot Thai sun was quite a shock to my system. Heat stroke had me vomiting multiple times over a 12 hour period, complete with a high fever and bouts of shivering. Not fun. First time I’ve cried since I’ve been here.

I’m thankful for Erin, who checked on me every morning and evening, went to the store to get me food and drink, and made sure I had everything I needed.

Exploring the City

After 2 months in Bangkok I thought it was about time to play tourist in this great city and do some sightseeing. This past Saturday Erin and I took a boat up the river to check out some of the finest wats (temples) Bangkok has to offer! Don’t worry, we took lots of (air-conditioned!) breaks and drank plenty of water.

IMG_1000Our day began with a Red Shirts demonstration. We were heading to the skytrain station when a caravan of Red Shirts began making their way into the city centre. This the third time I’ve seen the Red Shirts since I’ve been here. Despite the political unrest that occurred last year, the protests I’ve seen have been relatively calm – perhaps a little noisy at times, but nothing to worry about. We were the recipients of many smiles and waves.


Home to the largest single Buddha image in Bangkok, we almost managed to miss the Reclining Buddha when we were strolling around Wat Pho (must have been the heat)! Clearly it was a little bit difficult to try to capture the entire Buddha in one shot.

We are the world

Wat Arun was beautiful and we had a ton of fun walking around, taking silly pictures, and even developing alter egos. Well, I already have one – her name is Cindy Bo-Bindy, but she wasn’t so sure about “coming out” here in Bangkok because she didn’t know if anyone could handle her weirdness. Turns out Erin can! Erin even created her own alternate personality – “Sanam Pao!” This girl is gorgeous and goofy! What a combo! And pssst…hey guys! She’s single!

We are the world1

Of course, our day would not have been complete without putting on some traditional Thai dresses and having a photo shoot. Definitely the best part was when throngs of tourists passed by and asked if they could have a picture with us. “You’re going to be famous!” “You’ll be all over the internet!” “You’ll be known as the ‘Girl in Green’!” The hilarity of the moment ended, however, when our photographer told us she was going to charge us an extra 100baht for posing for pictures with strangers. But it was fun while it lasted!

We are the world2

We were so tired by the end of the day that we got on the wrong skytrain and headed in the opposite direction we intended to go. When we reached the end of the line and the security guard told us we had to get off the train we were utterly confused concerning our whereabouts. He must have radioed the other security guard and told him to look out for two silly white girls, because when we walked downstairs to switch over to the other line we were escorted to the correct platform to ensure we didn’t get lost again. Oh well!

Thanks for reading! To see all my photos from this past week just click on my Flickr photo stream.


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