Leaving on a Jet Plane

Lesson learned: if you want to get a lot of hits on your blog, just write about dating.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to my friend Kylagh who posted a link on her Facebook page. Great feedback! I like being interactive. Let’s do this more often.

In a little over an hour I’m heading to the airport. I can’t believe this day has come! I’ve nearly reached my 3 month mark in Thailand, which means it’s time to leave the country. (I’m on a 3 month single entry visa). I’ll fly to Phuket for a beach holiday with some friends from Hong Kong that I met during my exchange year in Germany. After that I’m going to Singapore to visit Kathleen and renew my visa. Hope everything goes smoothly because I only gave myself a couple of days for the process!

I’m excited for a vacation but I’ll miss the community with my friends here in Bangkok. I’m so thankful for my community! Wow. I’m blessed.


Thursday nights is one of my favourite night’s of the week. I gather with some ladies from church at a really hip art gallery/apartment for food and fellowship.


Below is my friend Dawn. Dawn is leaving in the next few days to do a Discipleship Training School with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). She’s headed to Montana for 3 months and then on outreach somewhere in Asia for another 3 months. I’ll be back in Canada by the time she comes home to Thailand. Had to say goodbye last night. That was my first goodbye (the thing about Bangkok is that there are a LOT of goodbyes!) I’m going to miss her!


Well, it’s time to go. Looking forward to some quiet moments of reflection during my holiday. So far this experience has been even more wilder and amazing than I could have imagined. So glad I got on that plane…


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