Get Ready, Miller Fans!

For those of you who don’t know, the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years was conceived when Don Miller was approached by a director to turn his best selling novel, Blue Like Jazz into a movie.

Everything that Don learned about the concept of a story while editing his life into a movie made its way into A Million Miles.

But did you know? Blue Like Jazz almost didn’t become a movie!

From the website

On September 16th, Don posted on his blog that despite a strong screenplay, a stellar cast, and rave reviews, the film would be put on hold indefinitely – because there was not enough funding. We thought, that since the book itself is so unique, why should the funding come traditionally? We submit that the funds for this movie should come from the people who the book actually impacted. It should come from the more than a million people who bought the book. It should come from the fans. We are raising $125,000 in time for the film to enter into production on October 25th.

And guess what happened? Fans of the book raised $345,992!

Ergo, we have our movie!

Pass It On!

I’m happy to report that my copy of A Million Miles is making its way around the world! Sometimes when you love a book so much you can’t just tell people to go out and read it – you have to pass it on!

I lent my copy to my friend Katherine, but then I told her to keep it. She loved it so much that she wanted to pass it on to our friend Abby. So we decided that the purpose of this book would be be travel far and wide (perhaps a millions miles?), gracing as many people as possible, becoming dog-eared, underlined and highlighted in the process! (This is one of the reasons I love books so much and why I could never own a Kindle).

On the inside cover of our book we’ve written our names, the year we read it, and the city we were in when we read it. It begins in Ottawa in 2010, and where it will end up…who knows!? Maybe your hands!

Also Can’t Wait For…

I’m also looking forward to Don’s new book, The Way of a Creator. Here’s what he has to say about it:

It’s about becoming a person who speaks something into nothing, makes things happen, changes reality for themselves and for others. It’s also a little provocative, because I talk about how evangelical church culture breeds a community of fear, which makes people consumers rather than creators. Start firing up the torches, haters!

Words are powerful. I’m reminded of that more and more lately. God spoke and there was light. The word became flesh. God calls into existence that which does not exist.

Don, you are certainly a man after my own heart. Too bad you just got engaged!

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