The Ruth Center

Sunday, May 29 was Service Sunday at Evangelical Church of Bangkok, the church that I attend here in Thailand. So instead of attending a regular Sunday morning service, we all had the opportunity to sign up for an area of ministry around the city and spend the day serving.

I chose The Ruth Center. The Ruth Center works with slum communities in Bangkok to improve the quality of life for the elderly, who are often treated as a burden to society. Many of the grandmas and grandpas are forced to look after their grandkids, either because their own children have died or left.

Our day focussed specifically on working with the children in the community – painting faces, playing games, serving lunch, and just having fun! I had a great time and I’m going back this Friday to help/hang out.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…


The day began with face painting! Spiderman was the top choice of the day. My first couple attempts were pretty shaky, but over time I perfected the web!


My co-worker Mel heard about the day of service and thought it sounded like a great idea so she came along. She also perfected her skills as a Spiderman face-painter.


I made this little dude cry/yell at me when I accidently painted his lips red and he got paint in his mouth (he was my first try). He warmed up to me though – after he cleaned his face off.

Water, water all around…


This guy couldn’t get enough of the water.


But when he became fully drenched and refused to change into the extra clothes at the Center…


He had a mini-meltdown.

Good Times

Ball was my buddy for the day. That’s the Thai flag painted on his face.



After the program, K Noi (she runs The Ruth Center) took me and Mel for a walk around the community and introduced us to the families living there. I just love this man. Especially his smile.


He played some Thai music for us using an instrument that he made.
Have a listen!


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