Songkran Revisited

My friend Jenny recently passed along some photos that her friend Joe took during Songkran (he has a waterproof camera). The pictures are great but they don’t capture half the fun we had!

Upon entering the “wet zone” at Central World the atmosphere appeared tame and I wondered if I might stay relatively dry throughout the evening’s water fight. However, 10 seconds later I was unexpectedly doused with buckets of ice water. From that moment on I was constantly caught in the crossfire, proving that the Thai not only love Songkran, but that they are relentless with farangs!

songkran 1

Jenny, Me, Michelle


Just been doused for the umpteenth time. Soaking wet, mascara running. Less than flattering. But so much fun.


Loving the madness. Even with my itty-bitty water gun.


Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest water fight!

Seriously, it was such a good time. I love Thailand. Can’t wait for my next Songkran!


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