Inside the Office

Last week I decided to grab my camera and roam around the office doing some impromptu interviews. Though some people didn’t enjoy being put on the spot, I’d say everyone was a good sport about it. I had to cut out a few people (Jake, Melissa, and Wanchi) because the background noise was too loud or the light was too bright. I also missed most key people, who were locked in the basement for Board Meetings for the week.

Hopefully this video won’t leave you feeling more confused about what ECPAT does.

I finish on June 30 which means I only have 4 more days at the office! I’m going to miss this crew…

4 thoughts on “Inside the Office

  1. I loved how nobody wanted to be caught on video and I laughed out loud when you scared that guy with the camera in his face :) Great video! I can’t believe you’re coming back home already, crazy how time goes by so fast!

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