Post Bangkok Conversations

On Affection

Sitting on the deck with my dad sipping our morning java.

Me: Dad, can I have a hug?

Dad: Are you stressed out or something?

Me: I’m sad. Can I have a hug?

My dad doesn’t budge from his chair. He unenthusiastically extends his left arm toward me. There’s still about 2 feet between us.

Me: [Mildly annoyed] What is that!? You call that a hug?!

Dad: Natalie, you have to understand that my culture and my generation does not hug.

Me: Dad, you’ve been hugging me my whole life. Give. Me. A. Hug.

On Driving

Dad: So how are you getting to Amy’s house? (in Toronto)

Me: The 401.*

Dad: Are you kidding me? You’re taking the 401 to downtown Toronto? Natalie, you haven’t driven in 6 months!

Me: Dad! I’m 27 years old. That means I’m almost 30. I can drive the 401!

It’s a wonder they let me go to Thailand…

*According to Wikipedia, the segment of Highway 401 passing through Toronto is the busiest highway in North America and one of the widest and busiest in the world.


My parents are helping me pack my car for a mini road trip.

Dad: Natalie, these are the high beams. High beam on. High beam off. Don’t drive with the high beams on.

Me: Dad, this is my car. And I know all about high beams.

Dad: Ok, good. Do you want me to back out of the garage for you?

Me: No.

I close the door and turn on the engine. My mom taps on the window and speaks loudly, exaggerating the movement of her mouth so that I can read her lips, just in case I can’t hear her.


My eyes widen in disbelief. I force a smile, because I know she’s just being a mom.

Me: I remember. Goodbye!

My parents stand in the driveway and wave until I am out of sight.

On Money

Watching the news. Catch the last 30 seconds of a segment on gold.

Me: So why is the price of gold going up?

Dad: Because the whole world is having financial problems. Not just Natalie. The whole world!

Me: [Laughing].

Dad: Greece is in a much worse state than you are, Nat.

7 thoughts on “Post Bangkok Conversations

  1. This all sounds very familiar, haha. I’ve had several conversations along the same lines with my own parents since I’ve been home… ;)

    • Hey Kat!
      Yeah, it’s been a bit of a shock to my system after having absolute freedom on the other side of the world. I love my parents a lot but I’m thankful that I’m moving out:)

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