A Walk Down Memory Lane: Conversations with Natalie

Guest Blogger: Natalie’s mom, Susan

After her last “Conversations” blog, I began to recall some of the silly things Natalie has said over the years, joking that it was her turn to be embarrassed on her blog. She gave me the go ahead, so here are some “Conversations with Natalie” from over the years!

Early Years

At one of our “Moms & Tots” playgroups held at our home, Natalie, a sweet little 4 year old, was asked by one of the moms if the flowers in our garden were pansies.

Natalie: No. They’re my mommy’s.


Natalie’s childhood version of Jingle Bells sang in a very nasally voice:

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oma fart…


A neighbourhood child shows up at the door with a bloody nose.

Brad: Natalie punched me in the face!

Me: Natalie, why did you punch Brad in the face?

Natalie: Cause I told him to get off our front yard and he wouldn’t!



Rich, Mom, and Natalie

School Days

Natalie follows Rich (her brother) into the house sweaty and out of breath.

Natalie: Didn’t you see me? I was running behind the van all the way home from school, trying to get your attention to give me a ride!

Richard: Oh yeah? John said he saw you. He thought you were waving at us!


Thinking she might like to buy a new camera.

Natalie: Maybe if I get a new one, you can buy my old one from me.

Me: Natalie, I bought that one for you in the first place!


Whilst on a trip to Baden Baden in Germany, Natalie and I decide to go to the Thermal Bath. Using her best German she almost gets us into the ‘no swimsuits required’ section!


While in the same Thermal Bath, we decide to use the sauna. Natalie almost knocks me over as she does a quick turn around. She is rather agitated.

Natalie: Mother, hurry up, there’s a naked, wrinkly old man in there!

I had to take her word for it, as without my glasses on, I can’t see that well!


Receive a rather urgent call from Natalie.

Natalie: Mom, I’ve locked myself outside on the balcony. Can you help me?

Me: Umm, you’re in Kitchener. I’m in Newmarket!

The cities are separated by a 90 minute drive.

Last Week

Natalie: Will I always be half your age?

She turned 27 last December. I am 54.

Me: [Somewhat puzzled]. No, Natalie. I will always be 26 years older than you.

Math has never been her strong suit.


Natalie’s first time using the Bluetooth to make a phone call in the new vehicle.

She screams into the dashboard. (The microphone is above the driver’s seat).

Natalie: CALL HOME!

Consequently it did not compute.


Natalie is in the passenger seat of the vehicle, checking herself out in the mirror.

Natalie: I’m really drawn to the mirror. It’s probably because I find myself attractive. I don’t know why no one has married me yet.


Natural beauty

Aspiring writer

Treasured daughter


Loyal friend

Infinite wisdom


mom and nat

Overlooking the Pacific ocean in White Rock, BC


7 thoughts on “A Walk Down Memory Lane: Conversations with Natalie

  1. oh those ending comments are so true of you, Natalie…just reading what your mom wrote makes me miss you! you are such a beauty in and out. and i laughed a lot…some of those conversations are pretty funny there lady! love you!

    • Tiffany! SO good to hear from you. What I wouldn’t give to sell all my possessions and…buy a plane ticket to Vancouver! Haha, miss you. Hope you’re settling well into your new life. I owe you an email! Lots of love:)

  2. Hahah! I am not only laughing out loud…but CACKLING! What a great post, thanks Susan! I love the ending… You know there’s this park in Shanghai where parents go early on Saturday mornings with a picture of their daughter and a list of accomplishments, abilities, family income, etc. Good think you’re not in China :)

  3. I love it! At first my favorite was punching the boy in the face, but that last one about being drawn to the mirror is priceless … and true :) Love both pics, you were a stylish little girl!

    • Oh gosh…someone’s a little embarrassed. And obviously vain! You know I not only punched that kid, but also pushed his little brother over on the playground a few years later .Their mom did not like me!

  4. It’s true because you are attractive! Maybe a tiny bit vain, but we’re allowed to love ourselves! You are a BUG (we all are) ;)

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