Back to the Future

The thing that I don’t like about being “back” in Canada is the terminology.


“Welcome back!”

“You’re back home.”

“What are you going to do now that you’re back?”

I don’t like it because back refers to the past. Being back makes me think of going back in time instead of moving forward with life.

I have returned to my home country, but there is no way that I’m going back.

My challenge is dealing with the simplest things make me feel like I never left. They make me wonder if that 6 months of time cinched in between a world of familiarity really happened.

I’ll flick on the television and see a rerun of a show. Didn’t I just see this episode? And then I remember that I just saw it back in December.

Every time I open my closet door my mind goes back to November and the 30 minutes leading up to my interview with ECPAT. I sat in that closet with the doors closed and the lights off, fully aware that with this interview everything was about to change (dramatic, I know).

Everything did change when I went to Thailand. I have six month’s worth of incredible memories and experiences to show for it. But at present I am in Canada, standing in front of my closet door, and I wonder what that change is supposed to look like here.

Pre-Bangkok was a necessary season of preparation and character-building. Bangkok gave me the chance to live that out on the mountain top and gain vision for the future. And here in post-Bangkok is where the real test of character comes into play as I learn to walk it out in trust.

So with that said, the only thing I’m going back to is the future.

“Welcome forward, Natalie!”


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