Conversations Continued

On Dating

Sitting on the deck watching a construction man grade the backyard.

Mom: He’s single, Natalie. He’s a single dad.

Dad: He’s got a missing tooth and 8 cows.

On Music

In the car. Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” comes on the radio.

Me: Mom, is this still your favourite song?

Mom: No, I like the one about the fireworks. (Katy Perry, Firework)

Dad: I like the one about the money. (Jessie J, Price Tag)

Me: Why do you like that song, Dad?

Dad: Because it’s about money.

Me: You know she’s actually singing, “It’s not about the money, money, money…”

Dad: Oh, gee. That’s terrible! Young people know nothing. It’s all about the money!

On Aging

Dad is resetting the time and date on the oven after the power went out.

Dad: Is it July?

Me: It’s August.

Dad: Huh?! No…

Me: It’s your wedding anniversary!

On Technology

Mom: Are you bringing your laptop?

Me: [Somewhat offended] Camping?! No mom, the sites are non-electric. There’s not going to be any wi-fi either.

Mom: Oh, right.

I’m not that addicted to the internet. I don’t even have a smart phone!


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