Grow Up!

Every time I log onto a banner across the top of the dashboard tells me “Be the master of your own domain! Buy (.com is taken) for just $24 a year!”

To which I say NO.

I don’t want to blog here anymore!

I want to grow up!

I want to be an adult!

I want to stop living like I’m stuck and move on.

I recently read this article by The Office‘s Mindy Kaling called Why You Need a Man, Not a Boy*. And I was like, Amen! I want a man!

But then I thought…am I even a woman?

I hope to be by this Friday.

*Don’t worry, I don’t generally glean my dating advice from Glamour magazine. This article was recommended to me by a friend.

5 thoughts on “Grow Up!

  1. Amen and amen! That’s a great article. I might have to read the book!

    What’s this Friday?

    And does having only hand-me-down furniture mean I’m still just a girl? Some random semi-drunk guy on the street pegged me at 21 this week, so if I am still a girl, at least I look the part!

  2. Well Erin, you’re kind of Menno, so I expect hand-me-down furniture!

    This Friday I find out whether I got “the job” or if I jump back into the wonderful world of resume-writing.

  3. Only kind of? Geez, what does it take to get in the club??? If ten years of Menno college, Menno churches and my intense love for Paska and quilts doesn’t get me in, I’ll never make it.

    Speaking of Geez, you should submit articles to them- it’s a great magazine.

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