Blogging Failure

That’s me; a blogging failure.

With only 3 updates in nearly 2 months it goes without saying that I’ve lost my blogging mojo.

Why? Here’s a breakdown:

The first 6 months of this blog were dedicated to stories of living with my parents. The next 6 to life in Thailand. And the following 3…let’s be honest: to hating life in Canada.

But I guess that’s not the story anymore. And as Don Miller would say, people who are living good stories are too busy to write about them.

That said, don’t give up on me! I’m definitely planning to write more in the New Year, but this time from a less self-deprecating point of view.

So stay tuned!

And have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Failure

  1. Good efforts Nat :) But I do miss your stories! Maybe I’ll have to actually look on facebook and see if you post anything on there.

    • Hey Jess,
      I don’t post anything on FB anymore! But I do want to keep telling good stories:) By the way, I read your story in Hope Notes! Good job! And tell Carissa that’s a great magazine!! Thanks for the Christmas card. I miss you! :)

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