Say Yes to the Dress?

I’d like to blog about wedding dress shopping. Because in my personal opinion, it wasn’t nearly as fun as it “should” have been.

And who was the fun-stealer of this momentous occasion?


I went to 3 shops in total. And I didn’t go with a vague idea of what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. But for some reason, what you want doesn’t really matter to those women selling you an overpriced dress that you will wear for ONE day.

And ok, I can understand this to a certain extent. You should be open to trying on different styles to see what works for you. And maybe what you had in mind won’t work at all. But if you give me 3 trumpet gowns in a row and I comment the first time that it makes me look a little too bootylicious, I think you should respect that and stop sending them my way.

But then there were the gorgeous gowns. The ball gowns. The corset backs. The ones that fit like a glove.


But they weren’t what I wanted.

It was so heavy, so full. How was I supposed to pee in this dress? How was I supposed to walk in this dress? How was I supposed to breathe in the dress? And most importantly, how was I supposed to dance in this dress?!

The truth is, I could try on 100 dresses and like 99 of them. And as a result it would be really hard for me to find that *one* dress that is supposed to make my wedding day the best day of my life.

I don’t want to have such a high opinion of a wedding dress. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking because I knew that I would become even more overwhelmed by the choices I had. They’re all beautiful. I could obsess over getting the perfect dress and wondering again and again if I chose the “right” one, but the truth is, I would get married in a burlap sack.

Saying yes to Simon is so much more important to me than saying yes to lace, organza, crinoline, or satin.

The dress that I chose had most of the elements that I was looking for, so I decided to say yes. And even though it didn’t have “the one” factor, lucky for me, Simon did. I recognized him as the one I’d been praying for from the start.

And that is what will make our wedding day the first best day of the rest of our lives.


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