Redeeming a Day of Hazards

On Thursday I went to work feeling incredibly stressed. Wedding planning has shown me that being a multi-tasker has it’s disadvantages. While I’m able to juggle multiple things at once, I am not able to control the thoughts surrounding these things that shoot around my brain like jumping beans. It’s even worse when you’re at work and just long to scratch something else off of your To Do List.

“Why are you so sad?” my coworker Alex asked me. Clearly anxiety was written all over my face.

“I think I’m stressed.” I told him. I know I’m stressed! I thought.

“Marriage is a good thing!” Alex told me in his Austrian accent. “Your wedding can only be positive.”

“Thank you,” I told him, and returned to my pouty/anxious state of mind.

And then three things happened, and the trickle effect began…

1. I knocked over my coffee.

The coffee was at the cash desk. The coffee spilled on the computer mouse. The mouse stopped working. And then for some strange reason, every time I tried to scan an item for a transaction  it would open up a new tab in the browser.

So Alex came to my rescue and brought me a new mouse from downstairs. But then…

2. I unplugged the wrong cable from the computer.

As in, not the mouse. As in, the entire network system that links and runs Bookmanager, which is the system that runs the store (POS, inventory, purchase orders, receiving, etc., etc., etc…).

After shutting down and rebooting Bookmanager on every computer in the store, we were good to go.


3. The credit/debit card machine gave me the blank screen of death.

I paged Alex, “Can I get a hand up here?” I asked. He unplugged the machine and plugged it in again. “ATTACK DETECTED” it flashed across the screen. So he called Petra, who called Moneris, the company that runs the machine.

“Did someone drop it?” They asked her. “Or tamper with it?” No. No. “Sometimes it can happen with a power surge.” Oh. Because the machine was old, it didn’t have enough memory to reboot itself after the network was unplugged.

But after an attack has been detected the machine doesn’t work again. Ever. It’s garbage.


The point of this story is not to emphasize how incredibly graceful I am (how Simon describes me when I do something clumsy. RE: always) but to show how being so incredibly frazzled took a toll on me that Thursday. My mind was not at work. My mind was on the 1001 things that I believed I had to do. And that made me anxious, fearful, sad, selfish, and incredibly ungrateful. I remember scorning everything and everyone on Thursday.

After my day of hazards I resolved to have gratitude. To stop counting the things that are causing me stress and to count my blessings instead. This might not change how graceful I am on a daily basis, but hopefully it will replace the creases in my forehead and the tension in my neck with the ability to think straight and a nice, big smile…just in time for the wedding!

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