On Saturday, November 10 (10-11-12) Simon and I said “I do!” at Temple’s Sugar Bush in a rural area outside of Ottawa. It was awesome!

I’m so thankful for everyone who travelled far and wide to celebrate with us. And since neither Simon nor I are from Ottawa, that was a lot of people!

First Look

This first picture is from our “First Look” which happened before the ceremony took place. When we met with our photographers back in July (they drove all the way from Thunder Bay to Ottawa – that’s a good 20 hours!) we were completely taken by their description of the First Look. From everything we’d heard, though that moment when the groom first sees in the bride in the ceremony is very special, it’s also very short lived, and most people don’t even remember it with the rush of emotions. So instead we met up 2 hours before the ceremony and had a good 60 minutes to dote on one another while the photographers snapped shots of our mushiness. Aww!

Wedding party laughter


This next shot happened after the ceremony. Our wedding party was poking fun at us because we are make-out bandits. Hahaha!


I love this one! We were just taking pictures of our feet (Simon’s blue socks and my blue toenails) and he forgot to pull his pants back down. Classic.

Hope you enjoyed! So glad to be hitched:) Now we’re off to celebrate Simon’s 27th. And yes, I’m an older woman;)


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