Life Simplified.

I have a new goal for 2013. Mom will be proud: Get organized!

Now that I am married I am experiencing a newness where  “my stuff” and “your stuff” is “our stuff.” I don’t just have a roommate where we keep separate living quarters, separate food, separate lives…I am sharing these! And of course, it can get a little messy, in more ways that one.

Now that we have merged lives and belongings we are realizing we have a lot. Our two bedroom apartment is quite roomy but when I finish the laundry and I’m searching high and low for a place to store the extra towels and sheets, I can’t help but wonder where the heck a baby and all its belongings would go, should life take that turn before we buy a house.

I don’t like clutter. I don’t like stuff. It overwhelms me. I’m not saying that a little bit of disorder overwhelms me. I’m overwhelmed when there is so much junk and no where to stash it all. Do we really need it? We’re just two people!

Things I plan to tackle:

  1. Creating efficient use of space for our closets and desks (which may involve getting crafty)
  2. Putting life into 2 binders: freelance work and finances
  3. Organizing mail immediately, which includes getting rid of junk and flyers
  4. Organizing all receipts by month and by person
  5. Getting some dollar store bins to separate recycling (right now it all piles up under our sink).
  6. Donating all the stuff we don’t use/need to a drop in centre for low-income families down the street from us (so far this includes a vacuum, printer, laptop, DVDs, and lots of clothes!)

I may sound lame and boring right now, but I really long for a simplified life. When you find you have no where to put stuff…that’s a problem.

If you know of any great resources or websites, let me know! And I’ll let you know how my projects turn out.

Here’s to 2013! A life simplified.


4 thoughts on “Life Simplified.

  1. We can help you out – we’ll take the vacuum back. Always good to have a spare one on hand should the central vac conk out.

    Have fun with the organizing:)

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