This Week at the Baxter’s!

One way to simplify life is to plan meals. In keeping with my last post, I’m trying to find ways to organize my life and household to create some simplicity. With Simon working more than 40 hours per week, I’m the one who is at home the most, and this trend will only continue when we have kids. So it makes sense that I become the “boss” of the household, so to speak, and see what methods of organization work for me.

When I lived with my old roommate Pip, she and I used to share groceries and plan meals for each night of the week. This lasted for about a month. With different schedules, lifestyles, and friends (and not to mention boyfriends that we wanted to eat dinner with every once in a while!) it just didn’t make sense to share food or meals. Though for the month that it lasted, it sure made life a lot simpler, and I knew at the time that it was something I would take into marriage with me.

This is what the chalkboard in our apartment looks like this week:

Eating made simple!

Eating made simple!

Every Sunday we get out our chalk and plan for the week ahead. One of the reasons that meal planning is so awesome is that is gives purpose to your grocery list. Don’t you hate it when you have a bunch of groceries, but nothing that will make more than a couple of meals? We are convinced that we save money this way. Plus, now we have generated a list of “go-to” meals – meals that are easy and that we like to eat. And when those ingredients go on sale, we stock up!

Having a meal plan doesn’t mean that we always stick to it day in a day out. Last week, for example, we swapped Friday’s homemade pizza for Saturday’s chicken pasta because I knew that by the time Simon was home from work and showered it would be 8pm, and since pizza is one of those meals we enjoy cooking together, I didn’t want to start before he got home, but we also didn’t want to eat at 9pm either. Then when Saturday rolled around, we decided to be spontaneous and spend our Christmas money from Aunt Peggy on Mucho Burrito and the new Bond movie. Great night! As you can see from our chalk board, pizza was bumped to Sunday.

Saturday night’s example of being spontaneous showed us that we don’t have to have every night of the week planned out. After all, we might have som leftovers that we want to re-heat or maybe we’ll call up some friends for a potluck. Flexibility is good.

My friend Kat just posted on Facebook that she doesn’t know what she’s doing tonight (New Year’s Eve) but who cares, because she’s boring. “#marriagemakesyouboring” she said.

I was about to dispute that comment. My life is more exiting than it’s ever been! But now I realize her point. I just wrote a blog post on meal planning. Whaaaa?!

Life isn’t boring, but the things that excite me now sure are!

Happy New Year!


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