Auto Heaven

Would you believe that my first-ever writing job was for the auto industry? Me either. Good thing my dad is an expert on the topic, because he was my go-to guy when I had to write articles on collision repair and auto recycling.

Sure, I might have been intimidated at first, but in no time I was writing persauviely about head and tail light refinishing, discussing the pros and cons of solvent-based verse waterborne paint, and calling on various facilities to become ISO certified. Of course I can’t forget my personal favourite topic to write about: Car Heaven. In Car Heaven you can be certain that once you’ve run your pride and joy into the ground he or she will not only rest peacefully, but also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. (And you might even receive a $1000 credit toward a new GM vehicle!)

Anyway, here’s  sampling of some of the work I did for Collision Repair Magazine and Canadian Auto Recyclers (a division of Media Matters Inc.)

One article and two news briefs for Collision Repair’s online magazine.

Man of Action

Cover Story: Willis Thys and his staff at Action Auto Parts are at the forefront of the recycling revolution.

Branching Out

Quality used OEM parts are still the main course, but many recyclers are putting other products and services on the table.

Ray’s-ing the Bar at Nace  (Click thumbnail below)

Originally published in Collision Repair E-Newsletter. Re-publication requested by PanelTalk, New Zealand’s leading collision repair magazine.


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